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garden gnome

Rabia lesliei

Aloe swynnertonii

Aloe thraskii

Datura seed pod

Pachypodium lamerei



Friday, January 7, 2011

Young and Old Concominantly

(a small homage to roxana's beautiful blog)

And if I told you I could feel past days pressing on my skin, you would accuse me of being insincere. Yet, age old habits die hard. I have meticulously recorded your footprints on my chest, but they never last longer than the fading din of your voice.

You ask about voices? I have no need for the garrulousness of others. As dark clouds scud by, I drown the chatter with hisses and frothy hums . Perhaps it is Gallipoli this time.

Night falls and I regress to boyhood. All evidence of the past has been erased. I feel nothing ... what a glorious ascent. But now, I hear that raucous hum, and the salty breeze batters my face, its soporific charm outmaneuvering my will to resist till another halcyon dawn ebbs at my tar-stained feet.