Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Thank you to Beth, Bhavesh, Clo, Owen, Unseen, Marty, Doc, Rune, Stickup, Chris, Diane, Leslie, Christine, Roxana, and anyone else that may have rested their tired, dignified wings on these pages, in a short respite from the tremulous world, and then left without a visible trace--your appreciation of Angie has touched my ruthful heart.

But all winters eventually give way to spring, where the ground is again fit for soft, checkered blankets and wicker picnic baskets full of ripe apples and sandwiches, for the springtime of my days is now occupied by Ariel, and though she will never replace Angelina, she is the new love of my life.

This blog is Angie's rightful place and it will remain so. I have started a new blog on worpress -- http://exiledprospero.wordpress.com/ It is Ariel's new home.