Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the dark heart


  1. oh, such wonderful colors
    and the dark heart
    so enticing~

  2. The first shot is
    mysterious almost magical :-)

    Wherever you go, go with all your heart ...

    Tell Angelina that
    we have bought a ticket ..... ;)
    meow..Kareltje =^.^=

  3. The title and first image would make an intriguing book title and cover. The second one looks like a painting and is quite mesmerizing.

  4. I see the dark heart cloud. It is beautiful. Magical. Dark.

    The second picture ... I kind of wish I was on that boat out there ... sailing off into the coppery sunset.

  5. oh

    and my heart, now -

    "Why do you not rest, you dark heart,
    What impels you on to foot-sore flight...
    Whom are you awaiting?"

    (Nietzsche, who has just left the Bridge for the darkest of Gardens)

  6. Both shots are very fascinating. They make me think of myths.

    Poor Tuesday

  7. I love the lighting in your photos, and the mystery in them also!

  8. Which part of the poem applies?
    "Red skies at morning, sailors take warning; red skies at night, sailors' delight."

  9. How mysterious. The first photo fills my eyes with a beautiful threat. I love the way the soft dark heart shape in the skies is echoed below in more harsh lines.

    The second photo touches my heart with its tranquility.

    As always I find myself pondering the

  10. The second pic sky colour is wonderful! The big sea and sky are charming. Frees my mind when I look at the pic ;-) Good shot.

  11. I think these photos are like poem.

  12. As usually beautiful and thougts provoking:)

  13. Just visiting this nice blog!

  14. increible luz ,una belleza, un abrazo

  15. Go on, follow your heart .... wisdom on a journey! ~bangchik

  16. It looks like a storm is on its way there. I love that first picture with the sun getting covered by the clouds.

  17. The black heart
    is the awareness
    of destiny ...

    Wonderful post, thanks!

  18. The first photo is so mysterious and intriguing. The second looks as if it could have been painted by a Dutch master. Beautiful!

  19. coucou Prospero....
    faut il attendre le retour de la lumiere ou est ce une brume quotidienne et insouciante..? :o)
    quoiqu'il en soit j'aime le mystere qui entoure tes messages....
    souvent je viens une premiere fois et j'emporte avec moi tes mots et tes images....
    et je reviens plus tard pour laisser un commentaire...
    tu es une personne peu commune et je te remercie pour cela...
    tu es mon depaysement virtuel.....
    et je t'embrasse bien amicalement...:o)

  20. Lovely photographs Prospero..the ship one has a peaceful and calming effect whereas the first one gives a little feeling of unease...Well that is how I see it.

  21. ...pondering the deeper meanings behind each photo.

    Your work is sometimes whimsically, deeply intriguing.

  22. PS I think you are right about the face in the fire. I think there are fire faeries living in my woodstove. (grin)