Thursday, December 2, 2010

Looking into the heart of light, the silence.


  1. J'ai eu la sensation en regardant longtemps tes images de pénétrer dans un monde ou le silence se fait parce que l'on regarde quelque chose de spécialement beau..un silence que l'on ne peut comprendre que si l'on tend l'oreille..
    c'est très émouvant Prospero..
    je t'embrasse..

  2. I want to leave a comment, but these are so perfect, that anything I say kind of breaks that perfection of silence.

    Your comment on mine is so inspirational! I'm putting it on my easel.

  3. So touching words :-)
    And fantastic cool shots ....

    Be silent,
    or say something better than silence .....lols

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  4. I'd love to find silence in the heart of light! Wonderful post.

  5. Beautiful post, loving the light!

  6. Light gives hope. Plants love the light a lot. Thanks for your advice on MM seed :-) My last seed fell into the sink hole... all happened in a split of a second... don't laugh ok... Have a delightful weekend!

  7. The light has many colours - in fact all of them. But it has no sound and humans seem to be afraid of sounds. Maybe they are afraid of colours too, or at least to look for them?

  8. quel joli billet Prospero, plein de douceur
    et de délicatesse ! your words are wonderful
    and magic !
    I wish you a beautiful weekend and I send
    you some snow flakes ! bisous

  9. it seems now to me that your post is the perfect counterpart of this older one of mine:

    a diptych of night and light, of silence and longing.

  10. All great pictures, but I adore the third!

  11. Angelina looks fine to me and I love the rest of your pretty shots.

  12. Your pictures are so beautiful. Incredible really. In many of them, there is a dark element...mysterious and very cool. These are pics worth a thousand words.