Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pycnostachys reticulata - witch's hat

"pyknos" means dense - "stachys" means a spike - "reticulata" means a network (describing the underside of the leaf) It is a South African sage plant. It grows in swampy areas (I found out about this later... mine grows in a dry place!) .


  1. This blue hat from your garden will make the an unusual hat collection exclusive to witches ;-)

  2. It may not be nice calling you a wizard (or witch), but you surely are with the macro lens.

  3. hello Prospero, I love the way you focus on these flowers as if all of the knowledge of the world is contained there well it probably is. Hey a witch's hat-yes I would love wear that for halloween.
    thanks,quite stunning.

  4. Beautifully shot. Love the balance between the soft focus and the sharper details. If that's a witches' hat, then give me a broom and a cauldron!

    You had asked about the Fouquieria and in that particular image in question, it was only the comparatively drab but noble survivor, the creosote.

  5. I need blue and these images are beautiful !
    thank you
    wish you a nice week

  6. Hi! Your pictures are full of color!