Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sure, winters are tough...

but you can always go outside and pick some fresh bananas (if you live in the tropics--or, in my case, the quasi-tropics).


  1. j'ai cueilli des bananes à l'île de la Réunion ! elles étaient petites
    mais délicieuses avec un vrai goût de soleil !

  2. I have missed your posts, dear Bro. You are not forgotten.

  3. Hello again old Friend. It is full summer and it is 2016. Life has changed a lot for me. Eighteen months ago, I unexpectedly lost my Beloved Husband. I am continuing to perform drama, and just recently discovered I need surgery for an injury incurred whilst moving sets. But other than that--life is sweet, sometimes sad--at other times sparkling sunshine in the rain. How are you?