Friday, March 19, 2010


the word moon is a lingering sound. Moon is a beautiful word. The French word is also beautiful: lune. But in Old English the word was mona. The word isn't beautiful at all, two syllables. And then the Greek is worse. We have celena, three syllables. But the word moon is a beautiful word. That sound is not found, let's say in Spanish. The moon. I can linger in words. Words inspire you. Words have a life of their own.
From an interview with Jorge Luis Borges

I know that the moon or the word moon

Is a letter that was created to share
In the complex scripture of that rare
Thing that we are, both manifold and one.

It is one of those symbols given to man
By fate or chance, which one day he
May use to write his own true name,
Uplifted in glory or in agony.

From Dreamtigers, translated by Harold Morland


  1. LOVELY POEM :))
    Wonderful photo's ...

    In Dutch we say "Maan"
    Thats the Moon from The Netherlands

  2. I like the different names for and ways of looking at the moon. Neat post. :)

  3. I wonder what it is about the moon that draws us to it? I love seeing the moon when it's out during the day. Moon is a beautiful word.
    What beautiful moon shots!

  4. The moon is beautiful - in Polish it's called 'Księżyc'. Dificult to pronounce I reckon:)
    Wonderful post.

  5. Your photos reflect all the different ways to say the moon..It's indeed a beautiful word, and I prefer one syllable too!

  6. I love the moon, and being a Cancerian I am apparently ruled by it ? possibly true as I know when it's near and on a full moon, I am very fidgety and have bags of energy. Lovely photo's and poem Prospero.
    Have a good week-end. M :)

  7. I saw this when you first posted it, but had to go away and think for a while. I've decided that "moon" fits, as does "Lune" because they are words that sound mysterious ... and mysterious also is the word I would use to describe the photos you chose.
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  8. Beautiful images Prospero and excellent write up. Favourite...number two.

  9. but i like Selene, i find it beautiful... this also is such a personal thing, what sounds, what music speak to us and touch our souls - or no?

    and what about gender? i find it hard to think about 'moon' in english, genderless as it is (though i love the word, yes). and even harder in german, where it is an inconceivable masculine: der Mond. Bachelard: 'Quel trouble alors quand, passant d'une langue à une autre, on a l'expérience d'une féminité perdue ou d'une féminité masquée par des sons masculins!'

    i love this so much: "that rare
    Thing that we are, both manifold and one"...

    oh, and your Lune... always...

  10. Last pix so cute, that twig behind is like a crooked shadow.

    Moon in Malay is 'bulan'.

  11. The world by moonlight is a magical one.

    I watched a cloud try to catch the moon in the blue blue sky yesterday afternoon...

    Your photos are just as lovely as the word. And as illusive.

  12. LUA...beautiful and portuguese word:)

  13. Poetic and sugerentes photos, like the moon. In catalan is lluna.

  14. truly the moon is a charm in our world
    we love to linger in it's light and aura
    to feel the pull and sway of it's presence
    I use to have a book all about the moon.
    your images are wonderful.