Friday, March 12, 2010

a wall is

a barrier

a projection screen

a deep well of emotion


  1. A wall is a world of sensations! I like them all but the colors in the first one really speak to me.

  2. My favorite is the second one, but they are all cool.

  3. Ummm Nice stuff Prospero. I am going to throw my towel in with the last one. Lovely colours.

  4. How absolutely true.

    Walls can be hard, thick, beautiful, difficult,nebulous or obviuos.

    What beautiful illustrations of this!

    I love your work--your words and wonderful pictures always cause me to stop...take a moment to ponder.

    Thank you.

  5. I like how you've represented each type of wall you describe. I really like the fern projection, it's so intricate looking.

  6. Great perspectives..very beautiful!

  7. do you know what this series made me remember? the beginning scene of the Mirror:

    you have everything there, the wall: a barrier, a projection screen, a well of emotion - i love the subtlety of that floating mike shadow projected behind the characters...

    as i love the fading ink of the second picture, most of all, a play of hiding and revealing which makes each wall an illusion, if only we knew how to look at it - yet again and again, we fail at our task, we fail to be the Spectator...

  8. oh, dearest

    Mirror is one of my favorite films.

    If i lived on a desert island (which i do) and could only have 5 films - this would be one of them.

  9. For me it is good the third ...
    Magnificent series, original and creative!

  10. Unique serie today
    you are very creative !!!!
    Hugs for Angelina
    from Kareltje =^.^=

  11. a deep well of emotion for sure! Beautifully done as usually!
    Have a nice Sunday:)

  12. Hello Prospero! Wall to me is definitely a barrier and projection screen. My garden is surrounded by walls/fences as I live in a terrace house. But I could only see shadows cast onto the surface at one wall.

  13. You make us stop and think as well as always give us a beautifully designed photo. Thanks.

  14. A wall is a canvas for you photography... ;-))))))