Friday, October 1, 2010


Lang: The poet belonged to a world that grew in harmony, not opposition, to nature.

Prospero: What advice do you have for the poet, Mr. Lang?

Lang: One must suffer.


  1. Good Morning My Friend...
    As always a beautiful share. Not only in photo but speech as well.

    Many thanks for sharing with me this beautiful Friday morning. I pray you are well.

    Country hugs, Sherry

  2. Hello Prospero, that's a very soulful photo and post. Yes suffering is good for the soul and the building of character, but not too much eh !! I hope you are well my friend. I have a photo that I must post soon, I took it for you when I was in London a few weeks ago, a little old book shop with your name above it's door. Have a good week-end

  3. Hi Prospero, your image is beautiful; looks like a painting. The poet's world sounds ideal except for the suffering part.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful! You made us wait for such a long time for a new pst!

  5. This color of photo is so sweet.^^
    Beautiful !

  6. Great photograph as usual Prospero.
    I have been suffering I turning into a poet?

  7. Reminds me of my childhood running through the corn fields of Wisconsin.

  8. Ecology - brief and to the point.

  9. shaking me to the very core. yet sweet longing, gently upon my lips -

  10. cette image est si belle, qu'on a envie
    "d'ailleurs" !
    bon dimanche Prospero

  11. Poet is definitely a high calling job.

    The picture is nice. If there is an aeroplane flying, you probably have captured it he he...

  12. Suffering can transform the human being into an angel or devil ...
    A shot between desire and reality: magnificent, thanks for sharing!

  13. A very charming image, with those two small sailboats over there.
    Happy new week!

  14. The word 'must' implies the possibility of choice in the matter. I suppose there is some kind of choice, somewhere in there...

    I teach my sighs to lengthen into songs. - Theodore Roethke

  15. Kavafis? Thats in the neighborhoud. Quite hot one, these days.

  16. Kavafis? No, regarding Itaca - I had in mind a chiasmus from the aphoristic Fritz Lang in the film Contempt.

    Jerry (in awe): Oh, gods. I like gods. I like them very much. I know exactly how they feel, exactly.
    Lang: Jerry, don't forget, the gods have not created man: man has created gods.

  17. Beautiful color in this picture.
    Thanks for your nice comment in my blog. I appreciate it.
    Have a nice evening:)


  18. Yes, if life is true and reality, it is a challenge to meet tranquility without a rift.