Friday, October 22, 2010

Rhapsody in the Key of Petunia


  1. a wonderful set of images Prospero ! love all
    of them! have a lovely weekend ! bisous

  2. Beautiful botanical mystery tour!

  3. Beautiful rapsody! The photo with the raindrops is delighful!
    Have a great weekend:)

  4. I love them. they are alive!

  5. The pics look so different this time. The first pix is really appealing! I like how each object is wonderfully emphasised.

  6. Just so pretty. But you just can not make anything better than Angelina

  7. Gershwin would have been proud.

  8. Brilliant capture the first shot.
    Great series.

  9. What an exquisite song it is. I can hear it playing in my heart ...

  10. Coucou ..
    Ton travail photographique est de plus plus beau Prospero...
    Je t'envoie toute mon admiration..

  11. really pretty but you know who is the prettiest of all.

  12. Here at the fountain's sliding foot,
    Or at some fruit-tree's mossy root,
    Casting the body's vest aside,
    My soul into the boughs does glide :
    There like a bird it sits and sings,
    Then whets and combs its silver wings ;
    And, till prepared for longer flight,
    Waves in its plumes the various light.

    Such was that happy garden-state,
    While man there walked without a mate :
    After a place so pure and sweet,
    What other help could yet be meet!
    But 'twas beyond a mortal's share
    To wander solitary there :
    Two paradises 'twere in one
    To live in Paradise alone.

    How well the skillful gard'ner drew
    Of flowers and herbs this dial new ;
    Where from above the milder sun
    Does through a fragrant zodiac run ;
    And, as it works, th' industrious bee
    Computes its time as well as we.
    How could such sweet and wholesome hours
    Be reckoned but with herbs and flowers!

  13. They are all so pretty. The lighting is so pretty, reminds me of when we had sun. It seems so long ago now.

  14. Just beautiful as usual. Thank you for the BDwishesand spunky got to lick our ice cream bowls. And somehow a kittle piece of cake dropped on the floor.