Friday, April 13, 2012

Beth's cluster of hearts

Erythrina crista-galli: The Coral Tree


  1. How very beautiful ... it is indeed well named "Coral Tree"!

  2. Love the name and your capture. Lovely work:)

  3. hello prospero !
    ce rouge flamboyant est extraordinaire
    sur le fond noir ! c'est beau!

  4. who could resist falling in love with such wondrous beauty?

  5. Dare I to hope, sweet Bro, I am the Beth to whom these hearts belong? lol I shall dream about that dear Bro. In fact, I was feeling a bit blue until I saw this just now. It has been a very very hard day. ((hugs))

    I'm with Roxana--who indeed, could resist fall in love with such wondrous beauty.

    Ah, how blessed I am to have such a talented photographer/artist as my dear Bro.

  6. Beth, I'm sorry to hear about your tough day. Since you are someone who sees hearts in all the right places, the venetian red hearts are, quite naturally, for you.