Tuesday, April 10, 2012

for you


  1. Thank you. I will accept them with great pleasure. A bit of experiment and unusual angles makes for interesting viewing.

  2. joli post ! ton petit chien me fera toujours rire
    et le lézard en jeans bleu est drôle aussi !
    j'aime la 6ème image !
    mais tout est beautiful ! merci

  3. Love the processing and the shallow depth of field. The blurred backgrounds set off the details of the focal points in the foreground perfectly. The colors are unusual and highly effective, expressing a variety of temperatures, moods and rhythms for this gorgeous series.

  4. all are breathtakingly beautiful, but i am still hypnotized by the little lizard, that photo is pure magic for me. i expect to see her turning into a fairy any minute...
    the second favourite would be the aloe vera-flowers (if i am guessing correctly?). of course, your little princess doesn't even enter this 'competition', she is beyond any praise :-)

  5. These are all exquisite--it is hard to choose which one I love the best. They all fill my eyes, each and every one. What a fascinating way you have of looking at the world. You always bring me to pondering. Thank you, my Friend.

    I do love lizards... (grin) I used to have a lizard friend who thought I was quite wonderful.