Friday, April 3, 2009

My (not-so-well chaperoned) citrus tree is having babies.

As I walked around the gardens last night, I noticed a familial scent that delicately etched distinct perfume laden channels through the thick nocturnal sea-air. It was there, and a step further, in a recess - it wasn't. I knew the fragrance but was slow to associate it with citrus trees. My citrus trees are mercurial in their fruit production and it is always a surprise to me when they decide to share their goodness. Had I not made this fortuitous discovery, I would have remained uninformed about my tree's happy predicament.

I bought the tree in question, a grafted pink grapefruit tree, from a local nursery. I‘ve had occasion to notice that similarly purchased trees have dissembled their identities. Truthfully, it may turn out to be anything from a Washington Navel orange to a Marsh grapefruit to a kleptomaniacal kumquat. Time tells all.

You can see the tiny fruit already in formation.


  1. Those are some pretty buds there but I have not familiar with this citrus tree. May be hard to figure out till it produces fruit. I have not had a citrus tree before. I have peach, pear and blueberries. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. A grapefruit tree may be next on my list!

  3. Becca, the thing about citrus is that it takes so long from flower to fruit (about nine months and why does that sound so familiar?)

    Dennis, I'm sure that list is getting long (mine is around the block now).

  4. Funny! kleptomaniacal kumquat - LOL!