Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Storm

I saw a flash of light, circled the room once more, took a sidelong glance at the peacock couch, and, seeing a figure, which lay uncomfortably with shivers, began to draw the curtains. The storm lasted well into the night and the urchin, bravely enduring several fits of terror, finally collapsed into a peaceful slumber.

Carissa macrocarpa.

Jello 1-2-3

Euphorbia obesa - Baseball Plant.

Matthiola incana subsp. incana.

The Great Kiskadee perched on a Rain tree (Samanea saman).

Cosmos sulphureus - Ladybird.


  1. I agree, the baseball plant is unique!! Love it.

  2. I hope the urchin is feeling better now!

    How amazingly different the Euphorbia obesa is to the ones I am familiar with. I've always liked the sculptural qualities of the plant - this adds another form entirely!

  3. Hi Hopping in, yours one of a kind, a unique combination of nature in your own way, will stop by more..:)

  4. Oh no. Propero, I hope that the weather is better today. The baseball plant is so unique. At first I thought it was an item used to hold sewing pins ;-)

  5. With each photo I was oooing and ahhhing! Wonderful!