Tuesday, April 21, 2009


By the fish pond, near the cement steps, was an old bench of cedar planks, a carpet of dried leaves clinging to the rusted metal legs like some gremlins whirled in a spell, and on it sat a woman, Madame Sosostris, an old lady with a strict, angular face.

I wondered if she would stay or continue to gaze distractedly at the restless coral glitter of the Peregrina. Did the color indelicately cross a threshold in her mind and illuminate a forlorn memory or was it another specious daydream, the kind she’d been used to having on days when her arthritis dominated?

Peregrina - Jatropha integerrima

Little dove makes her nest in a bunya-bunya tree. These Australian trees have extremely sharp spines, keeping predators at bay.


Canna Lily.


Salmon Geranium.

Peachy Peaches.


  1. I love your gladiola too! Also, I love your canna lily especially.

  2. That glad is wonderful. Can't believe they are blooming already. I am impatient! Mine will be coming up soon!

  3. I like your thoughts about the lady and the peregrina.

  4. The pictures are all so pretty! That tree doesn't look too comfortable for a nest, but I guess it would keep the predators away!

  5. Hi Prospero, The Peregrina flower is just so wonderful. I would think that the flower will bring both forlorn memory and comfort to Madame Sosostris's arthritis :-) The Canna Lily is pretty too.

  6. What a wonderful shot of the dove nestled in the tree. And you really highlight the beauty of a simple geranium. They're so common here in France that one tends to forget how lovely they are.

  7. Beautiful photos! Thanks for dropping by, who is Teza? I would love to invite him to look at my unidentified shade plant. Feel free to invite him over.

  8. So many beautiful flowers! Hard to believe the bird can like that pokey tree! But it does make sense for protection, just as a momma I would worry about my babies getting poked. :)