Sunday, March 22, 2009


This blogging is lots of fun. Especially when no one knows you're there, writing, jpeg(ing) [a new verb]. My idea about this blog is to document a re-vamping of my backyard. I want to give priority to useful or environment-friendly landscaping. Inventing verbs is just a sideline. Some habits (growing deceptively useless plants), nevertheless, die hard. Jpegged is lithops aucampiae 'Snowcap'. It's about the size of a small bottle cap. A real beauty but I wouldn't be sore at anyone who missed it altogether, or just thought it was a pretty pebble. Of course, if you were four inches tall and habitually reconnoiter the ground, you'd have bumped into it days ago.

I say deceptively useful since the bushmen of Africa, in time of extreme drought, used Lithops as thirst quenching water vessels. The plant, as any plant, may potentially hold the key to eradicating a serious disease or affliction (such as treating a banker's lack of moral compass or athlete's foot).

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