Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Poinciana garden is sleeping.

Urchins can be a problem. Therefore, you must take care to urchin-proof your property. Though they are sweet, they can easily escape through small openings. This, by the way, is the Poinciana garden. A perfect sort of garden for urchins.

Even though the back wall is a little low (urchins can jump many times their height) - the bamboo makes an almost impenetrable barrier. Of course, many urchins can walk through walls and a perfect solution to keeping them still alludes even the most accomplished gardener.

If you care to look, trusted viewer, you can see a few large woody pods dangling from the leafless poinciana (top left). This is hardly surprising since the tree is a legume (pea family). Still, a foot and a half pea pod is an impressive sight.

At present, the garden is sleeping. I just added a clump of heliconia at the back (transplanted from elsewhere in another mad frenzy of re-landscaping). There are gingers, blood lilies (Scadoxus multiflorus), and voodoo plants (Amorphophallus) throughout.

The cycad in the foreground is Dioon spinulosa, grown from seed a few years ago. When things warm up a bit it proudly displays bright green leaves and is a very pleasant addition to the garden.

I'm a little worried that the heliconias won't bloom this year since they were, against their best judgment and under gentle protestation, relocated.

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