Monday, March 23, 2009

The Vegetable Garden in March (09)

This is the vegetable garden (formerly the swimming pool's proposed location, formerly the arboretum, formerly the Ministry of Information). It was all grass last summer when I decided to 'ungrass" it (it looked like a plucked chicken in the aftermath). On October 25th, I was ready for my major fall planting. I sowed lettuce, radish, beet, carrot, turnip (of course) and potato (on the right).

I must very soon harvest the potatoes, turn over the soil and plant before it's too late. Here's where a modicum of professional experience would come in handy. But since I have none, I must sweat it out.

Last year's hastily devised summer garden was an unmitigated disaster. If this year's effort is a disaster, I'll be happy. It'll be an improvement. One must continually winnow the good experiences from the bad.

I suggested this blog was going to be about environment-friendly landscaping. I didn't say anything about stunning successes, punctiliously good gardening advice or super deals on heart-healthy recipe books.

The leafless tree you see is a neem tree (more on this later).


  1. Yep....we do have the same issues!

  2. I'm going to keep an eye on your Spring see how it turns out!